[eDebate] Augustana College Tournament Full Elim Results

Katherine Lavelle lenehan20
Mon Feb 4 17:27:33 CST 2008

Here are the full results for our tournament. Congratulations to Kansas, Minnesota, and Northern Iowa for their first place finishes in our three divisions!

Again, thank you to everyone who came this weekend. We were pleased to have so many programs represented, as well as the number of teams in each division. We really appreciate everyone's input to ensure that we had three divisions, as well as everyone who helped out with extra judging. 

We had a lot of fun hosting the tournament. Hopefully, everyone got home safely after our snow storm yesterday. We were glad to see so many different teams succeed this weekend!

Novice Elims:
John Carroll BB (Aff) defeated Illinois Sate AS 3-0, Harr, Kelsey; Bantle, Jason; Stout, Dan
Northern Iowa BM defeated Illinois State MS 3-0, Bonneau, Scott; Voth, Ben; Baxter-Kauf, Mike

Northern Iowa BM (Neg) defeated John Carroll BB 3-0, Bantle, Marohl, Matt; Gura, Corrina

JV Elims:

Kansas City Kansas Community College FR advances
Illinois State HM advances
John Carroll BM advances
Minnesota HT (neg) defeated Kansas State DF 2-1, Abelkop, Adam; *Lawson, Peter; Gayetsky, Matt

Minnesota HT (neg) defeated Kansas City Kansas Community College FR 2-1, Stanley, Justin; Girouard, Mike; *Short, Eric
Illinois State HM (neg) defeated John Carroll BM 2-1, *Clancy, Pete, Stout, Elliott, Darren

Minnesota HT (neg) defeated Illinois State HM 3-0, Clancy, Samuels, Phil; Stout

Open Results:

Miami GV advances
Kansas State MZ advances
Kansas SS advances
Kansas KQ advances
Kentucky AG (neg) defeated Concordia ST 2-1, *Green, Justin, Cram Helwich, David; Baxter-Kauf, Katie
Minnesota CS (neg) defeated Macalaster CP 2-1, Spring, Sarah; Butt, Neil; *Short
Miami JW (neg) defeated Concordia LM 3-0, Munksgaard, Jane; Hingstman, David; Samuels
Baylor MR (aff) defeated Minnesota HP 2-1, Palczewski, Cate; *Solt, Roger; Stanley

Miami GV (aff) defeated Baylor MR 3-0, Munksgaard, Baxter-Kauf, K., Cram Helwich
Kansas State MZ (neg) defeated Miami JW 3-0, Samuels, Palczewski, Abelkop
Kansas SS (neg) defeated Minnesota CS 3-0, Snider, Sarah; Solt, Baxter-Kauf, M
Kansas KQ (aff) defeated Kentucky AG 3-0, Green, Spring, Voth

Kansas KQ (neg) defeated Miami GV 2-1, Green, Munksgaard, *Abelkop
Kansas State MZ (aff) defeated Kansas SS 3-0, Spring, Cram Helwich, Stanley

Kansas KQ (neg) defeated Kansas State MZ 2-1, *Abelkop, Munksgaard; Gonzalez, Josh

Katherine L. Lavelle
Director of Debate

Augustana College

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