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Matt Gerber matt_gerber27
Mon Feb 4 18:40:36 CST 2008

Hey folks, I just wanted to let people know that it is not too late to apply for Graduate Assistantships at Baylor. We recently found out that the stipend has been increased to $13,000 per academic year (as well as a full tuition waiver, of course), which we feel is very, very competitive with other Masters programs. This is particularly true given the low cost of living in Waco, and the opportunity for summer workshop and/or high school debate employment. 
We have an outstanding faculty in Rhetoric, Organizational, and Interpersonal Communication, and a nationally competitive debate program. Alumni of our program include Matt Brigham (Pitt), David Cisneros (Georgia), Terri Easley (JCCC), Ron Stevenson (Wayne State), Ryan Galloway (Samford), myself, and even some 'Golden Oldies' who are no longer in the activity such as Kelly Dunbar, Josh Zive, Chris Salinas, and Toby Arquette. Please feel free to contact any of these people for more information about our program. You can also apply online at http://www.baylor.edu/graduate/home.php, or visit our debate website, http://www.baylordebate.com. We will also be at Texas this weekend if you want to chat with me or Dr. Varda. See you in Austin!
Dr. Matt Gerber
Director of Debate
Asst. Professor
Dept. of Communication Studies
Baylor University
matt_gerber at baylor.edu
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