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Below is the announcemnt for the 2008 Baltimore College Debate Cooperative.
More announcemnts will be coming soon, but mark you calandars and begin to
make plans now. We intend to offer a high quality research intensive debate
camp in the mid atlantic for an affordable cost.

This year we have expanded and provide a low cost housing option here on the
towson campus.

If you have any questions please ask me
Andy Ellis
Baltimore College Debate Cooperative


July 20-August 2nd

Towson University


*Overnight Stay Two Week *$500 (Includes Dorm, Supplies and Tournament
Evidence Set)

*Commuter Two Week *$250 (Includes supplies and tournament evidence set)

* *

One week and drop in options are possible if you work something out with the
camp administration.

Online Cooperative $150

Non refundable $250 deposit due june 1st.

Entry in the End of Camp Tournament for students not attending the
cooperative:$25 per person
What it covers:

13 days of Dorms at Towson.

All instruction, electives practice debates, and curricular materials.

Entry in the end of camp tournament.

A CD of Backfiles and essential files

A CD of Instructional and Team Development materials

A Printed tournament set of evidence.

Access to the Cooperative web space throughout the year.

We cannot cover food for the time you are here, we can however provide a
list of local eating and delivery establishments with detailed write ups and
recommendations. There are kitchens in the dorm suites with full fridges
stoves and ovens, as well as microwaves.

Check baltimorecollegedebate.org for more details?

Students and staff will be housed in the Towson Run dorms. Towson Run is an
apartment/suite style set up with four individual rooms per suite and a
kitchen and common area. There is parking available for a small fee, laundry
facilities in the building. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN LINENS, they will not be

Also please note we will strictly enforce campus and dorm rules. Our program
is responsible for the dorm occupents and as little as we like to be hallway
monitors, we cannot put our program on the line in order to host this
Application process:

Applications will be available at baltimorecollegedebate.org by march 1st.
If you are interested in the meantime contact
andy at baltimorecollegedebate.org.

Applications are due by June 1st and must be accompanied by a $250 non
refundable deposit.

A very limited number of scholarships are available, applications are due by
may 15th and will be allocated based on available funds and need.


We will be making staffing announcements throughout the month
Daily Schedule

An average day looks like this

10:00AM-11:00 AM Lecture

11:15-12:15 Elective

12:15-2:00 Lunch

2:00-5:00 Lab/Practice Debate

5:00-6:30 Dinner

6:30-9:00 Lab/Practice Debate

9:00-10:00 Optional Skills workshops

Parts of the Cooperative

*Morning Lecture:  *The morning lecture is a camp wide presentation and
discussion about arguments, strategy, community, history or whatever else
may be relevant.  We will ask each staff member to prepare one lecture
during the first week focusing on their areas of expertise, during the
second week we will schedule lectures based on what the students and staff
feel are needed after the first week. The lecture is meant to be useful to
the whole of the camp. All lectures will be video recorded and distributed
via the web and to all participants at the end of the cooperative.**

*Morning Elective: *The Morning elective is an opportunity for staff or
motivated students to lead a discussion about an area of particular
interest. Some electives will be lectures, others seminars, and still others
pratcums and workshops. The point is that the elective series will be
designed to meet specific needs and will offer students a great deal of
flexibility. We encourage students and faculty to come up with the
particular electives they would be interested in participating in and to let
us know as much ahead of time as you can so we can begin to plan

* *

*Lunch: *Lunch is when you eat, but over select lunch periods throughout the
2 weeks we will provide discussion forums and presentations during this
time. These will be largely informal but we think that sometimes a meal is
the best place to have the kind of discussions that build capability,
compassion, and community

* *

*Afternoon Lab: * The afternoon lab session is primarily focused on
researching and argument construction. Students will work in small groups
with experienced debate educators to prepare and construct arguments as well
as to learn advanced researching

* *

*Dinner: *Go eat, some nights we might have dinner and a movie. Food options
available at Baltimorecollegedebate.org

* *

*Evening Lab: * The evening lab will focus mostly on argument construction,
debate theory, and skill development. Students will work in small groups
with instructors and highly experienced debaters in order to

* *

*Night Time Skills Workshop: *Each night in the dorms their will be an
opportunity for students and staff to have small group sessions. These can
be lectures, movies, discussions, speed drills, redos, or whatever else
students and staff feel necessary.

* *

*Practice Debates: *Students attending the coop and the tournament at the
end will receive at least 13 practice debates, with two days prior to the
tournament that are practice round days. These days will have 4 scheduled
rounds and each team will participate in 3 of them. This will mean that
going in to the 7 round tournament at the end of the camp students will have
6 or 7 debates. It is our belief that concentrating the debates in one day
better simulates tournament debating, it also provides enough time that
practice debates can occur in labs if  students and instructors think it

Online Coop:

We here in Baltimore think that the internet and computers are good. Not in
sorta the late Clinton administration al gore invented the internet type of
way that most people in the community think computers are good, but as a
dynamic and proiductive learning tool that can ease and enhance
communication across the cooperative workspace but also out in to the
community and the world at large. This year we will be testing out a variety
of new systems that we hope can bring debate education into the
21stcentury. This includes a variety of applications for sharing and
publishing work during the cooperative as well as a means for people unable
top attend to follow from home.

Our online do it home presence will include

Live web casts of  select lectures, electives, and demo debates.

Nightly chat and blogging sessions with staff and lab leaders

Collaborative online  evidence and research work

All learning materials shared through a dynamic e-learning environment.
End of Camp Tournament:

The end of the camp tournament will offer 6 rounds of preliminary
competition and semi finals for the top 4 teams. During the semifinals if we
have enough judges we will also allow grudge and challenge matches amongst
those not qualifying for elimination rounds.

In addition to camp participants, the tournament will be open to any one who
wants to participate. We will charge $25 per debater who did not attend the
coop, and we expect you to bring some judging. Entries are due to
andy at baltimorecollegedebate.org by July 29th.
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