[eDebate] NDT Bid Application Fee

Sherry Hall shahall
Tue Feb 5 23:18:51 CST 2008

Greetings All --

To submit a team or teams for an at-large bid(s) to the NDT, you must pay a $50.00 fee per team to the NDT before the deadline for the bid applications.  I will be at the UT tournament next weekend with receipts in hand.  If you intend to submit a first-round application (or applications) it would be easier and more efficient for you to pay me at the tournament.  You can pay me by check or cash.  (Checks should be made out to "The National Debate Tournament.")  If you must pay by credit card, you will need to pay through the AFA site.  If you do this, you should email me a copy of your receipt that shows you have paid so that I can certify you as having paid.  There is usually a substantial delay from when you pay on the AFA site and when I am notified of it.

You can also pay me for second-round applications at UT if you know that you will be submitting one.  The best way to handle the payment for second-round applications is for schools to give the bid application fee to the district chair at the district tournament.  


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