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Wed Feb 6 16:23:08 CST 2008

This is a busy time both in the competitive season and the organizational
calendar as we look forward to the next academic year. I would like to
highlight a couple of upcoming items from CEDA for your consideration and


1)      2008 NCA in San Diego


There has been some discussion, but it is important for folks to consider
utilizing our sole national professional association meetings as an
important time of organization reflection and business. Consider and submit
those research or discussion items that you would like to share your
colleagues and community. We may not all agree with some ways in which the
national organization does business, but it remains our sole option to
gather our community as part of the larger academic community. 


Your submission options are (courtesy of CEDA's NCA planner Eric Morris):


1. Paper - write one, full text, and submit it. It doesn't have to be
related to anyone else's paper, and it could get placed on the top paper

2. Panel - Paper presentation. Several people all write papers on the same
topic. They could just an abstract for right now. In the recent past, the
acceptance rate has been high for these.

3. Panel discussion. People agree to show up and share their experiences on
a topic. Less work, less prestigious, less commitment.


Eric also recently provided a great list of possible topics for your work,
as well as the procedures for submitting papers. You can review it at


You can also review the NCA website to submit your work



Remember the deadline for submissions is one week from today, Wednesday
February 13th at 5 pm EST.


2)      CEDA-40


As part of the NCA planning for this year, and upcoming years, we are
encouraging folks to begin building their analysis and discussion of the
state of policy debate for the 40th anniversary of CEDA in 2011. It is
important now to begin compiling research and analysis so that when we
arrive at the anniversary we are in a position to have enacted reforms that
better our activity. You can review my original announcement at
http://www.ndtceda.com/pipermail/edebate/2007-July/071645.html and consider
if there is a way that you might begin the process of adding to our
scholarship about the activity for this upcoming NCA.


3)      The 08-09 Topic


This is the first year that the CEDA topic committee is utilizing a later
submission date for the first topic papers (i.e. controversy papers). We
will be accepting these papers until Friday, April 18, 2008. I will be
available to discuss the topic process with folks at the Texas tournament
this weekend, but I also encourage you to read more about the process at
http://www.cedatopic.com/ The site provides guidelines about how you can
submit a controversy paper, notes all key dates, and gives you a list of
what other folks have volunteered to research. 


The subjects that people are currently researching include: 


Global Infectious Disease

Education (College/universities or primary education)

Domestic Aspects of Globalization (i.e., Labor laws, Environmental
regulation, etc)

Industrial Policy                               

Urban Policy/Transportation/ Infrastructure

Health Care/ Entitlements

Global Warming

Russia / Central Asian Countries 

World Bank

Latin America 

US Weapons Posture/Doctrine


This isn't an exclusive list by any means and it also doesn't preclude more
folks volunteering to help fully explore these topics or take them in
different directions. Our new emphasis on controversies (rather than just
the areas mentioned above) allows us to consider multiple controversy papers
on what you might consider a single 'area.'  This is a way to maximize the
interest that you have in exploring a topic and also provide the community
with some predictability when they vote.


I will update site after this weekend with new volunteer lists, so please
take a moment and give some thought to the next topic.


Thanks for reading. Please let me know if you have any questions.



Chair, CEDA Topic Selection Committee & CEDA 2nd VP


Gordon Stables, Ph.D.
Director of Debate and Forensics
Annenberg School for Communication
University of Southern California
Office: 213 740 2759               Fax: 213 740 3913
 <http://usctrojandebate.com/> http://usctrojandebate.com


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