[eDebate] Vermont seeks to host US Universities 2 in 009

Alfred Snider alfred.snider
Thu Feb 7 13:41:44 CST 2008

The University of Vermont seeks to host the US Universities Nationals in 
the WUDC format in 2009. We will be in Portland to state our case.

In case you did not know, we started doing WUDC debate last year and did 
well at USUniversities (semis). We will be attending again this year. We 
have helped organize a WUDC format tournament circuit in the East (five 
tournaments) and more and more schools and teams are joining us. We want 
to help promote the national nature of WUDC format competition in the 
USA. We feel that this format has a great future in the USA and will 
expand significantly.

We would like to announced that Neill Harvey-Smith, president of the 
Worlds Council, has agreed to be our chief adjudicator. I will be the 
convener. In case you did not know, for the last five years I have been 
the director of tournament operations for the National Forensic League's 
high school speech and debate national championship, attended by over 
5000 people. I have, shall we say, put on large tournaments before.

The tournament would be held Friday-Saturday-Sunday on either of the 
first two weekends of April 2009.  We can be flexible on that. We have:

    * One of America's most beautiful universities
    * We can host up to 200 teams in top flight classrooms, but probably
      will not need that many
    * Experience hosting tournaments since 1899
    * A town with easy air and driving connections, 5 minutes from the
      airport to campus
    * Support from our university to stage a first class event
    * A four season tourist town with excellent bars and restaurants,
      all on the shores of Lake Champlain
    * Several very close hotels with a long-term working relationship
      with us.

Our website will be up soon and we hope that you will forward questions 
to me. We have a placeholder site there now, but it should be up and 
running by next week. http://debate.uvm.edu/debateblog/usu/Welcome.html

Alfred Snider aka Tuna

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