[eDebate] High School Topic and Global Warming

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Thu Feb 7 23:41:19 CST 2008

Marisa just told me the 2008-09 High School topic. Frankly, I love it! I wish
the college topic committee would take some notes from the high school topic
framers. It would be nice to be able to have debates on issues in which the
negative could have a unique link to a disad ( read, e.g. Try to find a unique
link to Lebanon or Afghanistan; which, btw, really is not part of the mid-east,
and I guess everyone has figured that out by now)) Given how closely the high
school topic area follows the area I have been researching--global warming, I
think it is pretty much a waste of time to write a topic paper on the subject.

Would the college community want to debate a policy topic that closely mirros
the high school cx topic?

Scott Elliott

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