[eDebate] grads: come to wyoming

matt stannard stannardmatt
Tue Feb 12 07:54:14 CST 2008

Consider March 1 a soft deadline for getting your application materials into Wyoming for the MA program in Communication and Journalism, and the debate GA-ship.  By that time, you should also have contacted me about your interest in the program.  
Laramie is cheap and pretty (like Chris Crowe).  The grad program is friendly but competitive (like Will Jensen). The travel schedule is big (like Blake Carothers). And Pinto is no longer here (that's a lie, he lives in town and is really proud of being promoted at StarTek--but he doesn't bug us). 
Seriously, though, the specifics: Tuition waiver, monthly stipend, health insurance, no teaching required, national schedule in NDT/CEDA NPDA/NPTE, great job placement. 
Let me know if you have questions. 
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