[eDebate] some thoughts about matt grindy

Korry Harvey korry.harvey
Wed Feb 13 19:31:07 CST 2008

I, too, wanted to add my thoughts about Matt. I had the privilege of working
closely with Matt in his final year of debating while at Western. Matt was
universally well liked by both his teammates and competitors from other
schools. All who have had the great pleasure of being acquainted with Matt
know what a wonderful human being he was/is, always thinking of others
before himself. Sure, Matt was a good debater and a rather bright student,
but it is perhaps his altruistic character that I will remember most about
Matt.  Last spring, Matt was scheduled to facilitate a discussion panel at
our annual CASCAID Advocacy Conference. Unfortunately, this was about the
time that his health took a significant turn for the worse and he had to
cancel his visit. Rather than worrying about his own discomfort and the
prospects of the very difficult road that lie ahead in his own life, Matt
was solely concerned about having possibly inconvenienced us. In all he did,
Matt helped remind us about the greatness of human compassion.

I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to work, play, travel, live
and learn with Matt, and was honored to have shared with him his final year
in the activity he loved so much. Not only did Matt give a great deal of
himself to this community, but this community also gave a great deal to
Matt-- as it has to so many others. Hopefully it will be a bright spot in
Matt's untimely passing that it might encourage all of us to pause for a
moment and reflect on the many invaluable relationships and experiences we
share as a community. I know how much Matt truly cared about the people he
worked with, and it is with great appreciation that I am pleased to hear
that there are already efforts underway to name an award in his honor. He is
so very deserving of such recognition.

Thank you, Matt, for all the good times. We'll miss you, my friend.

May the longtime sun

Shine upon you

All love surround you

And the pure light within you

Guide your way on

Sat Nam

In Loving Respect and Admiration,

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