[eDebate] Relief for the Chief!

NEIL BERCH berchnorto
Thu Feb 14 13:07:20 CST 2008

As someone who has tabbed JV/Novice Nats, I can testify that the biggest factor is making them run smoothly is having a bank of extra rounds available to enable MPJ to work as well as possible.

This year, Darren "Chief" Elliott has volunteered to tab JV/Novice Nats at Towson.  Please help him in this task.  Judges:  volunteer an extra round.  Directors:  volunteer multiple extra rounds for your program.

Every round that is volunteered improves the preferences of everyone in the pool, including your own teams.  And it makes it more likely that leaders like Chief will volunteer for assignments like this one.

We at WVU are starting things off.  We happen to have a little extra money at the moment, so we're using some of it to hire a full extra judge and donate her judging to the tournament.  I realize that not everyone will be in a position to do this, but if you are, I urge you to do it.

--Neil Berch
West Virginia University
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