[eDebate] JV Novice Nationals Important announcements

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Fri Feb 15 13:18:43 CST 2008

1. Eligibility- As per the EC waiver we will be abiding by the eligibility
rules that where in effect at the beginning of the season.

2. Special Awards. Send me nominations for the special end of the year
awards we will be giving out at JV novice Nats. Those awards are
Program of the year
Director of the Year
Debater of the Year
Coach of the year
New Programs
a full description is here

3. Enter the tournament! We have nearly 70 teams entered so far, but the
earlier we know entries the earlier we can take care of things like food,
ballot runners, extra rooms if we need them etc...So register already.

4. Stay tuned for dining and entertainment guides

5. Bring information about your college and your program we will be
interacting with the relatively large Baltimore high school community
throughout the tournament and this is a chance for you to let them know
about your school.

Any other questions or concerns please contact me.

Andy Ellis
Towson University Speech and Debate
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