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Marissa Silber luvmarissa
Wed Feb 20 13:45:02 CST 2008

As deadlines start approaching for grad schools, I want to encourage to consider the University of Florida. The debate assistantship is unique in that 1. you do not have to teach if you do not wish and 2. you can get a Masters or PhD in a different field than communications. I have enclosed the information we sent out a few months ago about the program. If you are interested in applying, please contact me or Frank Irizarry (gatordebate at aol.com) and we can answer (or try to answer) all your questions about the programs at Florida and coaching debate. The deadlines for programs at UF are quickly approaching (most are before the middle of March) so the time to apply is now!

Marissa Silber
silber at ufl.edu

The University of Florida Debate Team would like to invite candidates to apply
for a graduate coaching/teaching assistantship to work with our debate program
beginning in the fall of 2008. The position would not require any teaching
(although teaching opportunities may be available), just assisting with the
debate program.


The Graduate Assistant coach is expected to supervise and provide models for
research and argument writing, the supervision of practice debates and speaking
drills, the supervision of research assignments, judging at and traveling to
three to four tournaments per semester. Kellie Roberts, our DOF, takes care of
99% of the administrative responsibilities to make sure that I, as well as the
Graduate Assistant, have maximum time for coaching. 

Since there is no MA in Speech Communication at UF, Assistantships will be
awarded to either MA or Ph.D. students in any academic department. There is
also the potential for using the assistantship to cover about 50% of Law School
tuition if the student is enrolled in a joint degree program. The assistantship
includes a full-time (9 credit hours per semester) tuition waiver, salary
stipend ($5,000 - $10,000 per year), plus a per tournament stipend. 

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