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Roy Eno Roy.Eno
Fri Feb 22 12:43:52 CST 2008

Will--I, along with the UTSA debate community, send our best wishes and
condolences to you, the New School squad, the NY Coalition, and Max's

This has been a tough year--so many wonderful people gone.... You are
right about treasuring friends and family in the too short time we can
be together.


Skip Eno


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Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 18:20:00 EST
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Subject: [eDebate] The passing of one of our own
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We have learned that Max Adler, a NY Coalition debater with the New
University team, passed away last night. Max's personal strength and
were an important force within the Coalition and he will deeply missed. 

Please keep the New School squad, the NY Coalition team as a whole and
family in your thoughts and prayers.   

Treasure the time you have together with your team and your coaches in
activity and make good choices with your words and actions.   Time can
be all 
too fleeting. 

Peace & Justice,

Will Baker
Director, NY Coalition of Colleges
Executive Director, Associated Leaders of Urban Debate
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