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Bricker doesn't know what a nerd is.

Rustin *Dodd*, February 8, *2008*.

*Bricker said some people have some misconceptions about debaters. "A lot of
people think that all debaters are just like nerds*," Bricker said.
Sure, *Bricker
spends up to 30 hours a week researching* this year's debate topic. "It asks
the question whether or not the Federal government should constructively
engage five middle eastern countries by offering them foreign assistance or
a security guarantee," he said. *But to Bricker, the stereotype of a debater
with horned-rimmed glasses and a pocket protector just doesn't fit*.

Jon Wright is no longer debating for Kansas.

Rustin *Dodd*, February 8, *2008*.

*Bricker and his teammates are social enough to endure 14-hour car rides

KU doesn't clear.

Rustin *Dodd*, February 8, *2008*.

He said *it's not unusual to drive all day to a tournament on Friday, debate
all day on Saturday and Sunday, and then make the long drive back to
Lawrence** on Monday*.

Jennings is too hammered for class.

Rustin *Dodd*, February 8, *2008*.

"*It's pretty tough once you get back after a weekend like that to
recuperate and be able to make it to class* on Tuesday."

Something about how Stone is a traitor.

Rustin *Dodd*, February 8, *2008*.

*Chris Stone*, Derby junior, *is new to the Kansas** Debate team* this year.
*He* just *transferred* to the University *from **Wichita* State. Stone and
Bricker both said they started debating during their freshman year of high
school. Stone's father had been a debater, so he decided to give debate a
shot. "*When you start, it's a little harder*," Stone said. "*You don't
really know what's going on*." The KU debate team competes in tournaments
nearly every other weekend from September to April. *Two-person teams from
opposing schools match-up and debate the topic*.

*P.S. from Ross Richendrfer* ? Maybe you should leave Bricker alone, after
all......"Brett Bricker spends five or six hours a day pondering questions ?
difficult questions."

*P.P.S. from Ross* ? Don't pick on the guy too much - he really ENJOYS
debate a lot. In fact I think I've found a new inspirational file quote.....

"Many of the people really enjoy the social aspect of debating. The fact
that you get to hang out with the same people every weekend," Bricker said.
"Some of them enjoy the more academic parts, and some enjoy the workload.
It's really grueling, but some people find that it's really enjoyable. The
really good debaters find a balance between all three of those."

I have to be honest....I enjoy Bricker.
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