[eDebate] D6 results and elim info

Ross Smith smithr
Sat Feb 23 21:52:46 CST 2008

Elims begin at 8 at GSU. Pairings at 7 at hotel and on internet, 7:15 at 

Qualifying for NDT, in order:
Wake Forest CC
Georgia DM

Georgia State GL
Georgia CS
Samford RG
Kentucky TG

Varsity quarters seeds, in order from 1-8:
Emory NS
Wake Forest MS
Kentucky GG
Samford CA
West Georgia MS
Emory EM
Emory DS
Vanderbilt BR

JV elims
BYE: Wake Forest TW
Partial semis between Florida FU  and Emory CL

Novice semifinalists in seed order:
Vanderbilt HW
Vanderbilt GK
Florida ST
Emory SS

Judges for elims:
Watson, Hays - Georgia
Culpepper, Brent - Georgia
DeLong, Brian - Wake Forest
Galloway, Ryan  - Samford
Grayson, Bryan - Vanderbilt
Hall, Brad - Wake Forest
Hamraie, Aimi - Emory
Harrigan, Casey - Wake Forest
Herro, Steve - Georgia State
Holbrook, Sarah - West Georgia
Koehle, Joe - West Georgia
Lacy, J.P. - Wake Forest
Luechtefeld, Sean - Wake Forest
Phillips, Scott - Emory
Prieur, John - Miami (Florida)
Rabinowitz, Kevin - Georgia
Reed, Andrea - Wake Forest
sharp, jon - Kentucky
Silber, Marissa - Florida
Solt, Roger - Kentucky
Williams, Abi - Samford

Ross K. Smith
Director of Debate
Wake Forest University

336-251-2076 (c)
336-758-5268 (o)


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