[eDebate] NDT D1 Results

Gordon Stables stables
Sun Feb 24 12:31:08 CST 2008

The elims for the non-qual divisions are ongoing, but the NDT D1 qualifiers have been determined. 

Congrats to everyone, with special accolades to San Fransisco State and Los Rios Community College who both earned their first ever qualification to the NDT.

1. Southern California LS (Mima Lazarevic and Mike Smith)
2. San Francisco State Am (Vince Alvarez and Jeff Martin)
3. CSU Fullerton GM (Caitlin Gray and Luis Magallon)
4. California BJ (James Brockway and Rahul Jaswa)
5. Los Rios Colleges LN (Tina Law and Matt Nguyen)

6. Redlands BB (Alyssa Bolin and Jordan Bunger)
7. Stanford MP (Patrick Mahoney and Ben Picozzi)
8. San Francisco State EW (Stephanie Eisenberg and Jessica Whittle)

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