[eDebate] D5 Results

William J Repko repkowil
Sun Feb 24 20:28:54 CST 2008

Josh Gonzalez will post a more complete tab sheets later on, but here's the 
basic scoop from Detroit: 

1st Place -- Wayne NP (Najor-S. Pasquinelli) 7 wins, 20 ballots
2nd Place -- Michigan State AW (Abelkop-Wunderlich), 7 wins, 18 ballots
3rd Place -- Miami VW (Vinson-Wallenstein) -- only team with 6 wins 

1st Alternate -- Wayne GR (Greenwalt-Pearsall) -- only team with 5 wins.
2nd Alternate -- Michigan LZ (Li-Zagorin) -- 4 wins. 

Take it easy, 


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