[eDebate] More "Unofficial" District 3 Results

Matt Gerber matt_gerber27
Mon Feb 25 10:17:27 CST 2008

District 3: Teams in Order
Fort Hays State HS      8-0
Baylor LT                    7-1
North Texas CE           6-2
Missouri State              6-2
Wichita State CR         6-2
UT-Dallas RS              5-3
Texas TW                    5-3
Oklahoma GW            5-3
Texas BH                    5-3
UT-Dallas AB             4-4
I don't remember all the speaker awards...the top 4 were....
1. Kuntal Cholera- UNT
2. Obie Lansford- Baylor
3. Michael Mapes- Mo State
4. Halli Tripe- Baylor
Thanks to the UCO crew for hosting, and thanks to Joel and Martin Glendenning for their hard work. 
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