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Please see the promo below for a new book co-authored by Matt Grindy.



Emmett Till and the Mississippi Press 
By Davis W. Houck and Matthew A. Grindy 
Foreword by Keith A. Beauchamp 
University Press of Mississippi 
ISBN 978-1-934110-15-7, hardback, $40 

Book News for Immediate Release

Story changed when Mississippi journalists covered Emmett Till murder

The story of Emmett Till's murder still resonates nearly 50 years after
his death. And the story has grown and continued to change since 1955.
>From its inception, the narrative of Emmett Till expanded from a
small-town disappearance worthy of three small paragraphs in a local
paper into a front-page headline in international newspapers and a wedge
issue in the fight for racial justice.  

Emmett Till and the Mississippi Press (University Press of Mississippi)
reveals how the Mississippi press, especially newspapers, both expressed
and created public opinion in the aftermath of the 1955 Emmett Till
murder.  Employing never before used historical materials, including
weekly newspapers as well as large circulation dailies, authors Davis W.
Houck and Matthew A. Grindy analyze the fascinating rhetorical dynamics
of a racially motivated slaying in a small town.

Initially print coverage tended to be sympathetic to Till, but when the
case became a clarion call for civil rights and racial justice in
Mississippi, journalists reacted. Within days it became clear that the
Till case transcended the details of a murder in the Delta. Coverage
expanded to include such complex cultural matters as the role of the
press, class, gender, and geography in the determination of guilt and

Emmett Till and the Mississippi Press also provides a careful
examination of the courtroom testimony given in Sumner, Mississippi, and
the trial's conclusion as reported by the state's newspapers. Following
the trial, the authors follow the story to its sordid conclusion, which
involved the sensational revelations about Emmett Till's father as well
as the now-infamous murder confession in Look magazine.  The book closes
with an analysis of how Mississippi has attempted to reconcile its
racially troubled past by, in part, memorializing Emmett Till in and
around the Delta.       

Davis W. Houck is associate professor of communication at Florida State
University. He is the author of Rhetoric as Currency: Hoover, Roosevelt,
and the Great Depression and FDR and Fear Itself: The First Inaugural
Address. Matthew A. Grindy (1981-2008) received a Ph.D. in speech
communication at Florida State University.


For more information contact Clint Kimberling, Publicist, at
ckimberling at mississippi.edu <mailto:ckimberling at mississippi.edu>  
Read more about Emmett Till and the Mississippi Press at:

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