[eDebate] Official D6 results

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Tue Feb 26 12:31:50 CST 2008

from the Tabroom: (note slight change in order of alternates from previous

Qualifiers in order:
1) Wake Forest, Doowon Chung and Seungwon Chung, 5 wins, 227.5 adj. points
2) Georgia, Spencer Diamond and Todd Mitchell, 5 wins, 227 adj. points
3) Georgia State, Kirk Gibson and Joel Lemuel, 4 wins, 227 adj. points
4) Georgia, Brittany Cambre and Adam Schmidt, 4 wins 226 adj. points
5) Samford, Erin Ramsey and Logan Gramzinski, 4 wins, 225.5 adj. points
6) Kentucky, Mike Gentile and Angelo Theodosopolous, 4 wins 224.5 adj.
7) Kentucky, Suneet Gautam and Bryan Gort, 3 wins 224.5 adj points

Alternates in order:
1) West Georgia, Jadon  Marianetti and Zak  Schaller, 3 wins, 222.5 adj.
points, ranked 8*
2) Samford, Jayme Cloninger and Nick Agnello, 3 wins, 222.5 adj. points,
ranked 10*
3) Vanderbilt, Nicholas Brown and Phil Rappmund, 3 wins 221.5 adj points

* Pre-tournament ranking relative to other teams attempting to qualify is
the 2nd
tie-breaker after adjusted points.
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