[eDebate] Announcements about JV Novice Nasts

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Wed Feb 27 10:58:29 CST 2008

Hello there are some annoucnments in this mail that are important

please ask if you have any questions

1) Registration. Please Make sure every thing is done by today, teams,
judges, constraints and all of that. This will ensure we can get the prefs
up and running and start putting registration packets together.
2)Prefs- Should be up and open some time tonight or tomorrow morning they
will likely be due by the time registration starts friday night.
3)No Room Movement requests- We have two of these in right now if there are
more please get them into cheif and i as soon as possible
4)Pairings will be released saturday morning 1)at the hotel 2) on campus 3)
on edebate 4) on the web
5)We will be using twitter this weekend any of those of you who are already
signed up through BCD tournaments should be ok for the rest of you....

If you already have a twitter account from wake (or you are just cool like
that and already have one)
I believ the instruction is simply

1. Send a text message to 40404 that contains the message "follow

Do not include the quotes

If you don't have a twitter account
Here's the quick and easy way to get the messages on your phone: (from ross)

1. Send a text message to 40404 (it doesn't matter what's in the text
2. You will then receive a text from twitter (40404) asking you to send
your name to confirm you want a twitter mobile account (this may take a
minute); reply to this message with your name.
3. Send a message to 40404 that contains "follow bmoredebate" (as written
exactly here with a space between follow and bmoredebate, without the
4. You should receive a confirmation text from twitter saying that
you'll receive bmoredebate updates

You can learn more about Twitter and sign up to send an receive via AIM
and other computer channels at twitter.com

6)Tabbing Procedures
a) The first default will be to let the computer make decisons
b) If manual decisions are required that involve chief or my teams we will
recuse ourselves and let the other one do it. If it is both of our teams
debating each other then we will pick a detached third party(mike davis i
think this might mean you)
c) We will use the feature of TPRC that allows you to set the critical point
of the bracket during each round. This feature allows protection and
preference to be given to those teams who are not yet eliminated when
applying the computers tabbing procedures. Ideally this should protect
against harsh pullups etc.
d) we will utilize the most highly preffed judges with small commitments
toward the end of the tournament.
e) we will release the bracket after the start of the first outround sunday
f) access to the tab room will be restricted to cheif and myself and one
designated representative from each region. If your region has still not
designated a representative please do so soon and notify us of who that
person will be

7)Look for more announcents on the way
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