[eDebate] CEDA Hotel

Jeffrey Jarman jeffrey.jarman
Wed Feb 27 18:03:18 CST 2008

Here is an update:

(1)  All of the doubles at the Marriott have been taken.  There are a few dozen King rooms still available.  If you book(ed) Kings, but need doubles, send me your name and I'll do what I can.

If you have a double reserved, but you'd be willing to trade for a King, please let me know.  I will have the hotel transfer your room to a King.  We should be able to get several more people into the hotel if a few would trade a double for a King.

If you have rooms to drop, please let me know and I will transfer those to people who need doubles.

(2)  I have blocked 30 doubles at a hotel that is very close to the Marriott (you could walk it if you wanted to).  I'll sign the contract tomorrow and then post the phone number for reservations.


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