[eDebate] Notes on JV/Nov Nats Judging--important

Darren Elliott delliott
Wed Feb 27 20:01:48 CST 2008


1.  Andy will post instructions in a little bit about preferences.  They will be due by Friday afternoon.

2.  If you or any of your judges are in for 8 rounds, that is impossible, no matter how fast you flow.  : )    It is a 7 round tournament.  Entry has been disabled so you must email Andy and me with how your judging is going to change.  For example if KCKCC owes 14 rounds (4 teams) and I have myself down for 6 but my asst. down for 8, I would need to pick up 1 round and reduce theirs by one.  If you dont get this information to us prior to registration we will make the adjustments for you and/or the tournament will need to charge you for uncovered judging.  Many of you show as short right now on judging.  If you have that worked out with Towson, than you are set.  Otherwise please email us the adjustments.

3.  Again, if you have rounds you are willing to donate please do so.  It increases prefs for every team, including yours.  We will be tight on judges.  So far Ken Johnson has donated a round.  He challenges you all to meet his donation!  : )

Looking forward to seeing you all in Baltimore.


Darren Elliott
Director of Debate and Forensics--KCKCC
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