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saw this email in Bill Simmons' mailbag - person says they debated in

*City: New York
Name: Andy*

When the Sonics owners pretended they wanted to stay in Seattle, they forced
some numbers indicating how awesome sports are for Seattle. Now that they
are trying to leave, they are making the opposite argument, that Seattle
wouldn't care if the Sonics left. (Their evidence? One politician that
nobody likes) I used to be on my college's debate team, and in debate lingo,
that's called a double turn. In real life, it's called lying.

What bothers me the most is how most columnists and commentators who know
nothing about the financial history of the situation (which is inexcusable
if they're going to cover professional sports) just assume it's natural to
get public funding for any arena proposal and that any city who doesn't jump
at the opportunity to pay for more money-making ventures for rich
billionaires is automatically the one at fault. This is as shaky as the
White House's "us vs. the world" logic -- you're either for the NBA or
you're against it.

Look, Seattle has paid for NBA arenas in the past. In 1995, KeyArena opened
and Stern called it a model arena. People quickly forget. Honestly, if the
tables were turned, I wouldn't want Oklahoma City's team if it was stolen
under these conditions. I don't think any decently-hearted NBA fan would
want it.

Andy Liu?

Andy Peterson?

Andy Griffith?

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