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Sorry, that's 5pm EST as the deadline. It's a typo. I commit similar
errors 3 times a day...


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The deadline is now FRIDAY at 3pm. Yesterday night was a LONG night. 


A few people sent me their proposals when they couldn't sign in, but I
couldn't either. If you are one of them, please tell me whether or not
you are going to try again today. 


If you were interested in any of the panel discussions we had proposed
earlier (I've re-pasted the list below), or wanted to get something new
together given the extra days, please feel free to backchannel me. 


Dr. Eric Morris

Assistant Prof. of Communication

Director of Forensics

Missouri State University

901 S National Ave, CRA 375

Springfield, MO 65897


Here are some opening ideas - please write back if you'd be interesting
in joining a discussion (or paper) panel for some or all of these. 
1. CEDA's 40th anniversary - what has CEDA become, and where should be
go from here? 
2. Open Source evidence - should we do more to encourage open access to
3. Technology and debate - how is it changing, where is it going? 
4. Templates, tech, and tips - perhaps we should even consider a
pre-conference training session to help disseminate all the great ideas
about evidence formatting that some people have developed. 
5. The Conferences Proposal. It didn't pass, but generated much
discussion. Are there ways we should restructure CEDA to enhance the
ability of programs to define their own goals. 
6. Debate economics. How should we deal with resource disparities, and
are there better community practices to manage costs? 
7. New program recruiting. What can we do to help create and sustain new
8. Coaching careers: the next generation - How can we improve the job
security of debate coaches, whether directors, assistants, GTA's, etc. 
9. Debate Theory - should the community reconsider its views on
particular counterplans, kritiks, topicality, framework arguments, etc. 
10. Judge imposed incentives. Are judging penalties/rewards for certain
types of arguments an appropriate and effective strategy? 
11. MPJ, Judging Practices, and the Judge Market. Should tournaments
increase judging requirements to facilitate MPJ? Should tournaments have
different rules for hired judges than for indigenous (??) judges? 
12. The future of the kritik - are the expectations of judges changing?
Is this good or bad? How should judges view the K? 
13. Participation & Diversity. How should we go about increasing the
number of debaters, the number of rounds, and the diversity of our
14. Speaker point experimentation - Lots of tournaments played with ways
to disrupt speaker point compression. Where should we go now?

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