[eDebate] D 5 results

Josh jbhdb8
Sun Feb 24 20:33:28 CST 2008

I am sure a more official list will get posted later but the three teams
that got bids were:

1. Wayne State Bruce Najor & Sydney Pasquinelli 7
2. MSU Garrett Abelkop & Carly Wunderlich 7
3. Miami Ohio Aaron Vinson & Drew Wallenstein 6

First Alternate - these guys were debating great

Wayne State Dustin Greenwalt & Jason Pearsall 5

Second Alternate

Michigan Kevin Li & Edmund Zagorin 4

Also with the same record and doing some great debating as well

MSU Debbie Lai & Athena Murray

Thanks again to Kelly Ron and Will for a great tournament,

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