[eDebate] District 9 Results

Paul Leader leaderdb8
Mon Feb 25 10:54:08 CST 2008

Thanks to all D9 schools for attending this weekend.  As I said previously, it was an honor and privilege for ENMU to host the District tourney for, believe it or not, the first time ever!  We hope to have the debate community back in Portales for another event sometime in the future.
On behalf of all the greyhounds,
Paul Leader
ENMU Debate & Forensics Coach

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Thanks to ENMU and Dr. Anthony Schroeder for hosting, and Sarah Partlow-LeFevre and Omar Guevara for help in the tab room. There were 16 teams at the tournament. Qualifying teams: 1. Weber CD 6-02. Wyoming CJ 5-13. Idaho State JM 5-14. Denver MW 5-15. Wyoming BJ 4-2, tied with Wyoming NP, broken on opp wins and pointsFirst Alternate: ASU KLSecond Alternate: UNLV EM Speaker Awards: 1. Cram, Wyoming2. Dawson, Weber3. Jensen, Wyoming4. Warner, Denver5. Cheek, Weber6. Martin, Denver7. Montreuil, Idaho State8. Bausch, Wyoming9. Johnson, Wyoming10. Morgan, UNLV  

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