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Thu Feb 28 21:28:17 CST 2008

columbia's finest- Andy Liu

--- michael hester <uwgdebate at gmail.com> wrote:

> saw this email in Bill Simmons' mailbag - person
> says they debated in
> college:
> *City: New York
> Name: Andy*
> When the Sonics owners pretended they wanted to stay
> in Seattle, they forced
> some numbers indicating how awesome sports are for
> Seattle. Now that they
> are trying to leave, they are making the opposite
> argument, that Seattle
> wouldn't care if the Sonics left. (Their evidence?
> One politician that
> nobody likes) I used to be on my college's debate
> team, and in debate lingo,
> that's called a double turn. In real life, it's
> called lying.
> What bothers me the most is how most columnists and
> commentators who know
> nothing about the financial history of the situation
> (which is inexcusable
> if they're going to cover professional sports) just
> assume it's natural to
> get public funding for any arena proposal and that
> any city who doesn't jump
> at the opportunity to pay for more money-making
> ventures for rich
> billionaires is automatically the one at fault. This
> is as shaky as the
> White House's "us vs. the world" logic -- you're
> either for the NBA or
> you're against it.
> Look, Seattle has paid for NBA arenas in the past.
> In 1995, KeyArena opened
> and Stern called it a model arena. People quickly
> forget. Honestly, if the
> tables were turned, I wouldn't want Oklahoma City's
> team if it was stolen
> under these conditions. I don't think any
> decently-hearted NBA fan would
> want it.
> Andy Liu?
> Andy Peterson?
> Andy Griffith?
> hester
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