[eDebate] Fear and Loathing in Dallas UPDATE 3 - JUDGING

Burk, Christopher R crb012000
Thu Jan 3 00:16:34 CST 2008

Happy New Year!

If you are planning to attend, please read this note.

We are still extremely short on judging. Some new or smaller programs cannot cover their judging needs. That's creating a shortage. Some large schools are bringing lots of teams. That's also creating a shortage. When both small squads and big squads need hire teams, the shortage will be huge. This is the perfect storm of judging. 

Please remember that an extremely tight judging pool means everyone is less likely to get highly preferred judges. It also makes it bit easier to pair late rounds when we have some extra judging. So please fill your commitment if possible. We will all benefit. 

If you can bring extra judges, then please do so. If your judges can judge an extra round or two, please do so. If a judge can volunteer to judge an extra round or two, please let us know. 

If you plan to bring judges to cover some or all of your judging commitment, then please please enter those judges on the debateresults (Bruschke's website) as soon as possible. Some teams have not yet entered any judge information.

If your squad will not cover your teams' judging and you plan to pay some level of judging fee, then please email us and tell us so. Email us at FALID2007 at gmail.com   We are still searching for more hired judges. There are many tournament occurring across the country. There are few judges available for hire. So please help us plan ahead and let us know if you cannot or will not cover the judging requirements for the teams you will bring. 

And please ensure that each judge has a philosophy statement posted. That too will help everyone.

1 team = 4 rounds of judging required
2 teams = 7 rounds of judging
3 teams = 11 rounds total
4 teams = 14 rounds total
5 teams = 18 rounds total
6 teams = 21 rounds total

I look forward to hosting you all in Dallas,

Christopher Burk
Director of Debate
University of Texas at Dallas

"If you believe everything you read, you better not read."  -- Japanese Proverb

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