[eDebate] Fullerton Doubles Pairings and Bracket

gregachten at berkeley.edu gregachten
Fri Jan 4 00:39:26 CST 2008

The following are the pairings for the double octo-finals at the CSU
Fullerton tournament. Also, attached is the bracket for the elimination
rounds for the varsity division.

Full results, including JV and Novice team and speaker awards will be


Georgia State GL & Kansas BJ     Murillo, G  Stables, G  Morris, Er
Weber State CD & Emory MS        Garner, Ri  Sharp, Jon  Lain, Bria
Wyoming BJ & Emory HW            Strange, K  Albiniak,   Mcbride, B
Kansas PQ & Harvard RW           Walters, H  Richey, Ka  Morales, T
Emory IS & Northwestern FW       Hall, Brad  Repko, Wil  Strait, Pa
Dartmouth AH & Wake Forest GL    Crowe, Chr  Burke, Rya  Greenstein
Michigan State EL & California BP Wallace, B  Feldman, J  Cram Helwi
Mary Washington KS & Harvard AM   Peterson,   Culpepper,  Holbrook,
North Texas CE & West Georgia LS  Reed, Jv    Thompson,   Turner, Jo
Michigan State LM & Texas TW      Richendrfe  Ramachandr  Chestnut,
Kentucky GT & Georgia DM          Stahl, Gre  Donald Dur  Arnett, Da
USC JJ & Dartmouth KO             Hardy, Aar  Klinger, M  Antonucci,
Harvard JZ & USC LS               Meiches, B  Lacy, J.p.  Fitzmier,
Michigan St. AW & Missouri St. MM Kall, Aaro  Gordon, Ma  Spring, Sa
Northwestern BM & Michigan FK     Koehle, Jo  Ceren, Omr  Hamraie, A
Wake Forest CC & Kansas JS        Brovero, A  Phillips,   Elliott, D

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