[eDebate] Louisville Debate Spring 2008

Ede Warner ewarner
Fri Jan 4 11:07:58 CST 2008

Hello Debate Community,
In an effort to create transparency for our collective actions, the University of Louisville Malcolm X Debate Society would like to communicate our efforts regarding the Louisville MPOWER Treatise Campaign.  We have attached two documents.  The first document is our syllabus for the upcoming semester.  Since we failed to receive any takers to engage our pilot project of debating squad mission statements this Spring, we will have our own intramural competition.  Each of our 12 students will select a personal mission statement, and engage in one on one topical debates in an educational leadership training model of policy debate for the next six weeks.  
Additionally, we will have "movement debates" where Louisville students engage imaginary non-Louisville teams with specific objections to the Treatise proposal.  We welcome more public dialogue over specific concerns or objections to the Treatise so we can engage them through our internal personal assessment process.  We will collect the data from these activities in multiple ways: video tape, as well as, written assessments by debaters, staff, and judges.  We will also update our website with our data and findings as we go.  For example, we will soon post the different mission statements selected by the students.  We will also create a video library of the debates as we can get them loaded onto the site.
We have also enclosed the broader plans of our campaign, which will target HBCU's, current CEDA and NDT members, non-CEDA/NDT debate programs, and the general public for consideration of actions to support our Treatise, including the joining of CEDA to participate in the voting process.  We plan to resume competition during the end of February, probably beginning with NDT qualification and regional and national championships.  We hope everyone has a great spring semester and we look forward to further dialogue on our efforts.  Thanks and take care,
Ede Warner, Jr.
Director of Debate Society/Associate Professor of Communication
University of Louisville
308E Strickler Hall
e0warn01 at gwise.louisville.edu 
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