[eDebate] Lost Phone at Fullerton

Darren Elliott delliott
Mon Jan 7 02:02:37 CST 2008

Somewhere at the tournament hotel on elim day I either misplaced or had my phone picked up.  The hotel staff assured me they turned my room upside down, where I am almost positive I left it upon checking out.  I used it right before bed the night before we left.  Placed it on the chair next to the bed and the next day left before realizing I didnt have it.  I'd bet money it was in the room, but impossible to prove.

On the chance someone else may have picked it up I would love to have it back.  It is a blue and silver Sprint phone.  Qualcomm is the brand I think.  It's a flip phone.  I have had the service disconnected but if it powers on, the background picture is my daughter--curly blonde hair and beautiful! : )  I can recover most of the phone numbers with time I suppose but the pictures I have on it and info in my calendar is definitely not replaceable.

I will give $50 to anyone who might have found it or picked it up mistakenly and I get it back.


Darren Elliott
Director of Debate and Forensics--KCKCC

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