[eDebate] Fear and Loathing in Dallas UPDATE 4

Burk, Christopher R crb012000
Tue Jan 8 12:14:41 CST 2008

The forecast promises pretty good weather. Daytime highs near 60 and lows in the mid-30s. There's a 10-20% chance of rain each day.

Please finalize your entry information for the UTD tournament today. We will need to close the system at noon (central time) tomorrow. Please be sure to enter food & dietary data -- most team have not done so. We need to confirm final food orders on Wednesday afternoon so please enter your total numbers and dietary restrictions. We do our best to get good food to you. So please help us by telling us your total numbers and dietary needs. 

Also please enter your judges & judging statements. Judging is still rather tight so prefs will not be very sweet unless we can gain some more rounds in the judge pool. We asked to bring your least sketchy judges and some of your ignored that request. But, seriously, we could definitely still use more rounds from those willing to volunteer or willing to be hired. You'll get a warm welcome during the evening receptions if you can help us. 

We will allow pref rankings to begin soon after entries are closed.

I'm currently in Denton at the UNT tournament. You're welcome to email me or speak with me in person if you have any last minute questions or concerns. Please note that tournament email is FALID2008 at gmail.com  My previous posting to eDebate was incorrect about that. 

See you soon,

Christopher Burk
Director of Debate
University of Texas at Dallas

"If you believe everything you read, you better not read."  -- Japanese Proverb

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