[eDebate] Debate no longer has vegetarians??

michael hester uwgdebate
Tue Jan 8 21:01:25 CST 2008

based on the entry info for the UWG tournament, there are 55 teams coming,
and 36 judges.

according to the debateresults entries, out of those 146 people, there are
TWO vegans (Fort Hays and Pittsburgh) and ONE vegetarian (Fort Hays)

it's gonna suck when folks who were counting on vegetarian/vegan options at
the tournament have to eat meat b/c we purchased food based on the entry

and by "it's gonna suck," i mean it's gonna suck for me *briefly* as i have
to listen to whiny Birkenstock-wearing, Kucinich-voting, Prius-driving,
goobers complain about not having enough food to eat. and it's gonna suck
for them *the whole weekend *as everyone else enjoys lots and lots of yummy

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