[eDebate] West Georgia Tournament - Updates

Sarah Holbrook sarp23
Wed Jan 9 10:16:15 CST 2008

We look forward to hosting you all in Carrollton next week. Hester has once again found some really cool awards for the top team and top ten speakers. (We'll have awards for the rest of you, just gotta be good to get the really cool stuff :) We will be traveling to Berekely this weekend but will be in email contact. 

We hope to close entries end of the day next Tuesday and open prefs by Wed so please try to make all entries and adjustments by then or at least keep in touch with me about any issues. We are tight on judging as always, if anyone from your school is interested in being hired by the tournament for extra rounds please email me. 

All teams on the waitlist have been entered.  I think this just applies to Wake and Emory, please doublecheck your entry and judging and make any adjustments necessary. 


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