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Eli Anders anders8
Wed Jan 9 15:08:56 CST 2008

Hello!  The Harvard Debate Council seeks judges for the 34th Annual Harvard
National Invitational Forensics Tournament, to be held February 16-18, 2008
(the Saturday - Monday of President's Day Weekend).  Details about the
tournament are available at www.harvard-debate.org.

We seek judges for the following events:

*(1) Policy / Team / Cross-Examination Debate.  *We offer 8 preliminary
rounds of policy on Saturday and Sunday.  To judge in this event, you must
have participated in policy debate either as a competitor or a judge at the
high school or college level, and be approved by the tournament directors.

Compensation is $15/round judged.  Judges who commit to being available for
all 8 preliminary rounds will be paid $200, on the condition that you show
up on time for each of your rounds, fill in ballots correctly, hand ballots
in promptly, and do not in otherwise impede the tournament's

If you are especially qualified and would like to judge elimination rounds
on Monday, we may be able to work out a special compensation package for
you.  Housing is limited and only available to extremely qualified judges
who can judge all preliminary rounds and several early outrounds.

*(2) Junior Varsity Lincoln Douglas Debate.  *We offer 6 preliminary rounds
of JV LD on Saturday and Sunday, as well as the Triple Octafinals on Sunday
evening.  To judge in this event, you must have participated in LD either as
a competitor or as a judge at the high school level.

Compensation is $15/round judged.  If you are especially qualified, and the
tournament directors determine there is a need, we may request that you
judge Varsity LD and not JV LD.  At this time, however, we seek only
individuals who are willing to judge JV LD.

*(3) Public Forum Debate.  *We offer 6 preliminary rounds of PF on Saturday
and Sunday.  *No prior experience in debate is necessary*.  Compensation is
$15/round judged.  For more information about Public Forum Debate (its
format, how it is judged, etc.), please see
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_forum_debate and

*(4) Speech Events.  *We offer many rounds of speech events.  We seek a few
qualified individuals who are able and willing to be placed on standby for
the span of the preliminary rounds, to substitute in for judges who do not
show up in any of our speech events.  Special compensation will be
negotiated for those judges selected.

If you are interested, please send an email to
harvardhsdebate at gmail.comwith the following information:

Subject:  JUDGE FOR (event that you are interested in judging:  CX, JVLD,
PF, or Speech)

1.  Name
2.  Email
3.  Cell Phone Number
4.  Event (CX, JVLD, PF, or Speech)
5.  Rounds you would be available to judge (consult schedule at
http://www.harvard-debate.org/view_schedule.aspx.  Note that each event has
a different schedule, so you should put down which preliminary rounds for
your preferred event you are available to judge.)
6.  Relevant experience (both high school and college participation and
judging experience)
7.  High schools you cannot judge due to conflicts (participating school
list available at http://www.harvard-debate.org/view_files.aspx)

We will send confirmation emails upon receipt of your application, with more
information to follow.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at
harvardhsdebate at gmail.com, and/or join our Facebook group:  Harvard HS
Tournament Judges. Do not reply to this email.

Also, please feel free to forward this email to any and all interested

Thank you,

Eli Anders, Harvard Debate '08
Eun Young Choi, Harvard Debate '02
on behalf of the Harvard Debate Council
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