[eDebate] High School Debate Head Coach Opening Starting Fall, 2008 in Virginia

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Wed Jan 9 19:03:30 CST 2008

HI, After seven years as the head policy debate coach at Yorktown High School in Arlington, Virginia, I have decided to step down as coach, and turn the program over to someone else while I go on to coach some other events.
  The coaching position will be announced officially by Arlington Public Schools, and is a contract position with the Arlington Public School system with a salary of $2,650.00 a year (if you can combine it with a teaching position it would, of course, be higher.)
  Yorktown's program is active in the VHSL, NCFL, and TOC circuits, and the program enjoys the support, althought not lavish, of the school adminstration (including copying, dedicated practice and storage space, funds toward travel (although not 100% support), etc. The school adminstration normally treats the debate team pretty well, and the aministration is very open to working with the coach. Yorktown has enjoyed a multi-year tradition of excellence in policy debate going back to the 1960's, so the team is very much part of the school.
  If you are at all interested in this position, and we aim to have a coach on board by the end of this Spring, so that the team will know where it's going in the Fall, please let me know so I can get you to the school authorities. This announcement is very unofficial in nature, and I'm not in empowered to hire you, or to make promises to hire you..etc..etc. This in no way constitutes an offer of employment, etc..etc..legalese, etc. All hiring will be done by the Arlington County Public School system using their criteria, rules, and etc.
  It's been a great ride at Yorktown, but it's time that someone else took the keys to the bus.

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