[eDebate] Fear and Loathing in Dallas Update 5

Scott Herndon scottaherndon
Thu Jan 10 08:10:42 CST 2008

Just a few announcements to make before we begin the second half of the Two Step. 

1. The good news is there is internet available to you on campus. The bad news is it can be a bit tricky to set up. Log in and password
information will be distributed at registration on Friday night in the Westin. In the mean time you should go to: http://www.utdallas.edu/ir/how-to/utdwirelessxp.htm to configure your internet setting's before you arrive at campus. There will not be a UTD person to help set you up for wireless once you are on campus, so make sure you do the necessary configuration before you arrive on Saturday morning. 

2. The entries are now closed. Any changes that you have to your entries or judging should be sent to 
me at falid2008 at gmail.com. The debate office number is 972-883-4806, is you need to speak to Burk, Todd or myself. 

3. Prefs will be closed at high noon on Friday. Please have your strike sheets completed on the Bruschke system by that time. 

OK, I think that's about it. Good luck to everyone still debating at UNT. Thanks to B.Lain and all the UNT crew for a great first half of the swing. We'll see you in Dallas Friday. 


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