[eDebate] Navy Tournament--two important things

Danielle Verney daisy_verney
Thu Jan 10 13:50:12 CST 2008

1. It appears that this year we will be able to park on the Yard.  But, we will only be able to get you access to the Yard if we have vehicle information for each vehicle traveling on the Yard.  If you or your institution own your vehicle, we will need the following:
Name of Driver
Drivers License Number and State
State Vehicle is Licensed in 
License Plate Number
Vehicle Model, Year, and Color
If you are renting the vehicle we will only need:
Name of Driver
Drivers License Number and State
But you will need to have the rental agreement with you in the vehicle for the gate guards to inspect.  
PLEASE HAVE THIS INFORMATION TO ME  (at verney at usna.edu) NO LATER THAN 5 PM JANUARY 17!  It takes a while to obtain the passes and if we can't get you a pass, you can't drive onto the Yard which will be a logistical nightmare for you and for me.  
2. Would anyone be interested in babysitting services at the tournament?  We would probably be able to provide care all three days.  Send me an email at verney at usna.edu if you are interested.  
If you're planning on attending the tournament, please go ahead and register on DebateResults, even if you're not exactly sure of names or final numbers, so that I can get a fairly accurate picture of the amount of food we'll need.  
Thanks, and we're looking forward to seeing you in 2 weeks!
Danielle Verney O'Gorman
Navy Debate
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