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Brian Lain blain
Thu Jan 10 13:54:34 CST 2008

In Quarters in Open and JV Semis now. And  I have no idea why the Computer thinks it knows the Quarters results when I do not.  

William Demougeot Debates at UNT
North Texas (univ.)
1/8/2008 through 1/10/2008
Elimination Round Results in Division One: Open Division

Double Octafinal Round Results
Texas-dallas RS Advances without debating
Wake Forest SW Advances without debating
Baylor LT Advances without debating
Kansas (univ. Of) JP Advances without debating
Kansas State MZ (Aff) defeated Texas-dallas CC 3-0 Atchison, Jarrod Smith, Ross Vega, Matt
Oklahoma GW (Aff) defeated Texas (austin) AJ 3-0 "jt" Taylor, Jam Congdon, Kelly Roberts, Jeff
Central Oklahoma (un ES (Neg) defeated Missouri-kansas City JM 3-0 Matheson, Calum Naputi, Tiara Johnson, Blake
Baylor CL (Aff) defeated Kansas (univ. Of) KK 2-1 *Hingstman, David Maurer, Sam Gottbreht, Scott
Bard College CD (Neg) defeated Texas (austin) MS 2-1 Richter, Nicole *Marlow, Eric Regnier, Jason
Wichita State CR (Aff) defeated Vermont KK 3-0 Tiffee, Sean Delong, Brian Reed, Andrea
Rochester KM (Neg) defeated Texas-dallas AB 3-0 Gordon, Malcolm Varda, Scott Russell, Jason
Iowa SV (Neg) defeated Kansas (univ. Of) SW 2-1 *Cram Helwich, Da Brennan, Eli Green, Justin
Macalester CP (Neg) defeated Wake Forest RZ 3-0 Richey, Katie Farmer, Matt Shook, Lindsey
Emporia State U. FT (Aff) defeated Texas (austin) BH 2-1 Davis, James Archer, Max *Baxter-kauf, Mik
Wake Forest MS (Neg) defeated Minnesota CS 3-0 Petit, Louie Burk, Chris Herndon, Scott
Minnesota TZ (Neg) defeated Texas (austin) CS 3-0 Harris, Scott Severson, Brian Johnson, Paul

Octafinal Round Results
Texas-dallas RS (Aff) defeated Minnesota TZ 3-0 Harris, Scott Severson, Brian Varda, Scott
Wake Forest SW Advances Over Wake Forest MS
Baylor LT (Aff) defeated Emporia State U. FT 3-0 Archer, Max Baxter-kauf, Kat Johnson, Paul
Macalester CP (Neg) defeated Kansas (univ. Of) JP 3-0 Green, Justin Delong, Brian Smith, Ross
Iowa SV (Neg) defeated Kansas State MZ 2-1 *Brennan, Eli Petit, Louie Cram Helwich, Da
Rochester KM (Neg) defeated Oklahoma GW 2-1 Gordon, Malcolm *Regnier, Jason Jordan, Todd
Wichita State CR (Aff) defeated Central Oklahoma (un ES 3-0 Russell, Jason Johnson, Blake "jt" Taylor, Jam
Bard College CD (Aff) defeated Baylor CL 3-0 Marlow, Eric Matheson, Calum Davis, James

Quarterfinal Round
Bard College CD & Texas-dallas RS in room Lang 201 Green, Justin Severson, Brian Davis, James
Wichita State CR & Wake Forest SW in room Lang 211 Russell, Jason Atchison, Jarrod Vega, Matt
Rochester KM & Baylor LT in room Lang 204 Matheson, Calum Archer, Max Richey, Katie
Iowa SV & Macalester CP in room Lang 209 Brennan, Eli Farmer, Matt Delong, Brian

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