[eDebate] IDEA Debatepedia Internship opportunities

Brooks Lindsay bhlindsay
Sat Jan 12 18:57:12 CST 2008

 The International Debate Education Association and Debatepedia ("The
Wikipedia of debate"
http://wiki.idebate.org/index.php/Welcome_to_Debatepedia%21) are now
offering non-pay internship opportunities to high school and college
debaters. Interns work online from anywhere in the world and on their own
schedules as members of Debatepedia's editorial team, researching and
writing arguments and cases in debates of their choosing each week. See the
following link for details on the internship program
http://wiki.idebate.org/index.php/Debatepedia:Internships. Unlike most
internships, Debatepedia interns are given the highest and most interesting
editorial responsibilities.

Contact Brooks Lindsay, the founder and editor of Debatepedia to apply to
join the Debatepedia team. brooks at debatepedia.org
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