[eDebate] Fear and Loathing in Dallas -- Sunday Night results

Burk, Christopher R crb012000
Sun Jan 13 22:41:23 CST 2008

Fear and Loathing in Dallas 2008
UTD Debate Tournament 
Results so far

A few rounds will occur on the 2nd Floor, Most debates on 3rd Floor

Pairing on Monday morning at 8:00 AM

Rounds begin at 9:00 AM

Awards at High Noon, Second Floor, Salon F 

Top half of the teams advanced to elimination rounds

Wichita State BR: 4 wins but missed on points 

Partial Doubles
Missouri State OW advances without debating
Kansas JS advances without debating
North Texas CE over Trinity BB, 2-1, Vega, Harrigan, Malcolm Gordan*
Baylor LT (A) over Minnesota TZ (N), 2-1, Archer, Gottbreht* Maurer
Wake Forest SW (N) over Kansas KK (A), 2-1, Greenstein*, Petit, B. Lain
Oklahoma GW (A) over Kansas SW (N), 3-0, Bryce Dietrich, Amy Foster, Matt Reichle
Iowa SV (N) over Richmond FF (N), 3-0, Blake Johnson, David Cram Helwich, Andrew Liu
Bard CD (A) over Kansas ST (N), 2-1, Megan Harlow, Katie Richie*, James Davis
Baylor MR (N) over Kansas State MZ(A), 2-1, Mike Baxter Kauf, Eric Marlow*, Ken Johnson
Wichita State CR (N) over Central Oklahoma KS (A), 3-0, Naputi Matheson Severson
Texas-Austin BH (A) over Minnesota CS (N), 2-1, Scott Harris, Varda*, Congdon
Kansas PQ (N) over Texas-Austin CD (N), 2-1, Gerber*, Atchison, James Taylor
Rochester KM (N) over Central Oklahoma CE (A), 3-0, Paul Johnson, Zisman, Hingstman
Wake Forest MS (A) over Macalester CP(N), 3-0, Brennan, Winfrey, Hamilton
Bard HL (A) over Wke Forest RZ (N), 3-0, Sarah Snider, Gordie Miller, K. Baxter-Kauf
Georgetown HK (A) over Texas-Austin CS (N), 3-0, Farmer, Delong, Russell 

Octafinals ? Monday morning at hotel 

Minnesota HT advances 
Oklahoma DZ advances
Wichita State BB advances
Kansas State RM advances
Johnson County HJ advances
Kansas State DF advances
Kansas State HW advances
Oklahoma CH (A) defeated Missouri State HR (N), 2-1, Jeff Roberts, Brooks Johnson, Andrea Reed*

Johnson County (N) over Kansas State RM (A), 3-0, Stephen Davis, Wagner, Tiffee
Minnesota HT (A) over Oklahoma (N), 3-0, Gagnon, Gunter
Oklahoma DZ (A) over Kansas State (N), 3-0, Kenny Hanson, McCaffrey
Wichita State BB (A) over Kansas State (N), 2-1, Regnier, Verghese, Kissinger

Semis ? Monday morning at hotel 

Kansas State BG advances without debating
Texas ? San Antonio BK advances without debating
Oklahoma KM advances without debating
Wake Forest TW (N) over Rochester AP, 3-0, Gerber, Winfrey, Atchison 

Kansas State BG (N) over Wake Forest TW (A), 3-0, Pennington, Massey, Brooks Johnson
Texas ? San Antonio BK (A) over Oklahoma KM (N), 3-0, Andrea Reed, Britt Clark, Wachsman

Finals ? Monday morning at hotel
Kansas State BG and Texas ? San Antonio BK

Christopher Burk
Director of Debate
University of Texas at Dallas

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