[eDebate] Come to Miami!!

Steinberg, David L dave
Mon Jan 14 12:35:00 CST 2008

Come to Miami, Feb. 1-3 for the Hurricane Debates.  We promise great hospitality and expect good weather.  Under no condition will we cancel.  If you are considering coming, please contact me, and enter at debateresults.  




David L. Steinberg

Director of Debate, University of Miami

P.O. Box 248127

Coral Gables, Florida   33124


305-284-5553 (office)

305-284-5216 (fax)

305-926-8498 (cell)

dave at miami.edu



Miami Weather, Monday, January 14, 2008

Current conditions as of 12:53 pm EST


Feels Like: 75? 

76?High; Low: 55?


Kansas City Weather, January 14, 2008

Current conditions as of 11:54 am CDT


Feels Like: 23? 

30?High; Low: 18?



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