[eDebate] Fear and Loathing in Dallas - Monday Afternoon

Burk, Christopher R crb012000
Mon Jan 14 17:14:02 CST 2008

more results.........

JV - Finals
Wichita State BB (Aff) over Johnson County, 3-0, Harris, Varda, Luechtefeld

Congratulations to Wichita State! Three JV championships in a row at this tournament!

Baylor LT (A) over Kansas PQ (N), 3-0, Hingstman, B. Lain, Blake Johnson
Kansas JS (N) over Iowa SV (A), 3-0, Petit, Delong, Naputi
Missouri State OW (N) over Bard CD (A), 2-1, Matheson, Gagnon, Russell*
North Texas CE (A) over Oklahoma GW (N), 3-0, Farmer, Tiffee, Todd Jordan

Mo State OW (A) against Baylor LT (N) with Matheson, Harris, Hingstman in Salon F
Kansas JS (A) against North Texas (N) with Delong, Gerber, Paul Johnson

Christopher Burk
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University of Texas at Dallas

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