[eDebate] Thanks to N. Texas and UT-Dallas

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Mon Jan 14 17:57:42 CST 2008

The ULL debate team and I want to thank UNT and UT_Dallas for their hospitality
this week. We also want to again thank the Mid-West, Texas and "national
circuit" teams and coaches for welcoming us into the CEDA-NDT fold. My students
spent the entire trip back asking questions based on the feedback given to them
by these top of the line judges. I can't name all of you individually, but I
want to thank you all for your patience and feedback.

Having seen many of you as debaters, and now as coaches (wow I am old), I truly
appreciate the wealth of knowledge you all bring to this activity--and I was
impressed by the quality and genuiness of the feedback that you all gave my
teams. I was close to shouting in the back of some rooms, listening to some of
the after round criticisms. The insights offered by these judges was better,
more insightful, and more on-point, than anything I could have said.

Thanks folks.

Scott M. Elliott
Dirr. of Debate

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