[eDebate] West Coast Love

Kevin Hamrick k-hamrick
Wed Jan 16 13:07:53 CST 2008

Many thanks to Greg Achten, Dave Arnett, Becky Opsata and the entire  
Cal-Berkeley cast of characters for a wonderful weekend of good  
competition at the Cal Invitational Debates.

If the Cal tournament isn't currently on your travel schedule, you  
might be interested to know that:

1.  It's located in BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA;
2.  All the debates occur in ONE BUILDING (and only 2 floors) one  
block from Bancroft and Telegraph;
3.  it runs on a HUMANE TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE that ends each day in  
time to enjoy a nice dinner, a coaches reception, and sleep;
4.  The tab room is efficiently and competently administered; and
5.  LOTS AND LOTS of hospitality is provided.

Something to think about



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