[eDebate] Pflaum Update - Finalize entries by 5

Samuel Maurer chairman.maurer
Wed Jan 16 13:43:27 CST 2008

1.  Please finalize entries by 5pm today.

2.  Pack warm clothes.  It is supposed to be moderately snowy and cold
all weekend.  Fortunately, we will be having all of the debates in two
buidlings that are 15 feet away from each other.  We will also have
umbrellas available in case of precipitation.  Also, we will provide
directions at registration to the circle drive in front of the Union
so that when you drop-off tubs you'll be 20 feet from the door.  We
will have our folks available to help move tubs and give-out umbrellas
at that entrance.

3.  Alums.  If you are an alum, you are excused from judging rounds 2
and 3 on Saturday so that you can attend the alumni reunion.

4.  Judging.  The judging pool will be very tight.  We will also be
short some alum-judges on saturday as they will be attending the
reunion.  If you are interested in judging extra debates, we will be
able to pay cash this year.

5.  Prefs.  Will hopefully be open by tomorrow.  Due to a lot of late
entries, we need some time to figure out how they will be allocated.

6.  JV/Novice divisions will be collapsed, barring some major changes
in entries by 5.  We will be having a novice break-out.  Whether that
is semis or finals is TBD.

Thanks again to all of you who will be attending.
Samuel A. Maurer
Director of Debate
Emporia State University

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