[eDebate] Final West Georgia Tournament Updates

Sarah Holbrook sarp23
Wed Jan 16 16:55:10 CST 2008

Final West Georgia
Tournament Updates ? 


Prefs ?
     They?re ready to go on debateresults. 6 categories, by rounds, break down
     on the website. Constraints go into C/5. These must be done by 3pm Friday.Weather
     ? It?s snowing in Carrollton!
     It should be gone by morning, but it will be cold this weekend. Looking
     like low 30s to mid 40s during the tournament with some precipitation on
     Saturday. Luckily the tournament is condensed so movement is minimal.
     Contact Koehle if you need more details, he loves weather stuff.Judges
     ? Please doublecheck to make sure all constraints are entered or email me
     with them.Registration
     reminder ? 7pm ? 9pm at the Honor?s House on campus, directions in the
     previous update.


Travel safe and contact us with any last minute questions or
changes. Additional contact information has been emailed to Director?s.



Sarah Holbrook

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