[eDebate] Worst in Forensics awards

michael hester uwgdebate
Thu Jan 17 01:11:33 CST 2008

Hello folks,

have no fear, the sword awards are still here (samurai style this year).

but we get bored easily at UWG (it's freakin' Carrollton, remember?!) and
needed something new to amuse us.

Hence the First Annual Worst in Forensics Awards this year at the UWG
Tisinger Debate tournament. in addition to the usual awards (top 20
speakers, elims), we're adding categories and awards for the "winners."

so, what are the categories. YOU have a voice. ("you" is defined as "folks
who actually come to the tournament" and specifically does not include
losers who think they're too good for our tournament and prolly even think
their farts don't stink. Wake UP! of course they do!!)

participants at the Tisinger (debaters and judges and observers) who feel
they've witnessed something that a) makes debate worse and b) is worth
mocking can simply pass along their stories to hester and/or the tabroom
and, based on input, the most popular/funny ideas will be memorialized via
trophy presentation. we have a few ideas of our own:
Dumbest Cross-X answer/ Dumbest CX question

Worst Rebuttal ("yall had this round in the bag and screwed it up")

Lamest Excuse for stealing prep

Most needlessly complicated RFD for what was a rather simple round to

Worst evidence for what could/should have been a decent argument

Highlight Speck (yes, i meant to spell it that way) - i.e., the most
ridiculous attempt to read 2-3 words of a page long card and believe that it
actually supports an argument

Goofiest and/or most overused catchphrase by a debater who clearly thinks
they are the shit when in reality they just sound silly

Worst attempt to be funny in hopes of getting better speaks b/c UWG sucks
and refuses to break to doubles, so a bunch of 5-3's are gonna miss on

ok, you get the idea. we're not wedded to these. the WIFs are meant to be
'organic' awards that grow out of the unique experiences occurring at the

so, put your thinking caps on (and your jimmy caps too. y'know, malthus and
whatnot) and get ready to celebrate making fun of others!


p.s. - if you kinda suck at debate (including judging) and are now worried
that your lack of skill is gonna be under the spotlight, don't fret. this
ain't about picking on the new kid. in fact, the award will be heavily
skewed toward popping the ego-balloons of folks who we all think are smart,
they just acted dumb in a particular instance.
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