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Thu Jan 17 15:24:15 CST 2008

Welcome to the Val Browning Round Robin @ Weber State University!
Some important things to remember:

Coaches, Judges, and Director?s party Friday night at our house starting at 6PM until god knows when.  Please call 801-603-1122 any time for a free ride over to the house.  We?ll also give you a ride back to!
Be smart about your smoking.  If you are not in a non-smoking room, do NOT smoke in it.  The front desk will be incredibly self-righteous and they will fine you $100.00.  If you do not pay, they will call the police.  I know, ridiculous. But this is by far the nicest hotel/convention center in Ogden, and it is really important I maintain a good relationship with them.  So please smoke outside, in smoking rooms, or on the smoking area (outside) on the second floor of the convention center.
Banquet style lunch will be available on both days competition ? as for dinner, you?ll be on your own for that.  Also, breakfast is provided by the hotel.  But I recommend eating on historical 25th street, and eating at a good restaurant such as Bistro 258 (Italian), Melissa?s (Mexican), or Karen?s Caf? (American).  There will be a dinning guide in your registration folder, and I suggest you read it?especially on Sunday when many businesses are not open.
We are doing seven rounds, and then clearing to a full quarter finals round.  Elimination rounds will be cross-seated.  We do not break brackets.  We do however, provide an excellent selection of awards from nettrophies.com, and we will also recognize the D9 coach of the year with a special award as well.
All rounds will be released at registration. Please make sure to review the tournament schedule in your registration folder ? we do up to 5 rounds for two days in a row!
If you are done early on Sunday ? and not judging ? you might want to jump on the courtesy bus to a fairly decent set of casinos on the Utah-Nevada border.  Checkout for www.wendoverfun.com for more information.  Alternatively, go skiing, only minutes from Ogden, you?ll find a winter wonderland of snow sports and our winter has been very, very, snowy. FRESH POWDER! Also, V and I can get you a $51 ?all day? pass if you let us know by noon on Saturday.
Got a round off?  Check out historic downtown Ogden.  The weather will improve this weekend; sunny and in the 30s.  ?25th? Street is a classic 1880s western railroad town full of original architecture, murals, etc.  There are a number of boutique shopping opportunities, and you?ll never have a chance to visit a venue like such as Ogden at any other college debate tournament.
There will be a Saturday night party for debaters.  Call 801 941 2919 for more information.
There will be a D9 Meeting during round 3 on Saturday.
If you need anything during your stay, please call Omar at 801 668 6910.  Welcome to Ogden, Utah, home of Weber State University!!

Omar G Guevara II
Director of Forensics
Department of Communication
College of Arts & Humanities
Weber State University
Ogden, Utah

801.626.6220 (Office)
801.668.6910 (Cell)
Oguevara at hotmail.com
Oguevara at weber.edu

"I am the stone that the builder refused..."  

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